Rock Ok Zhetpes

Okzhetpes Rock, situated on the shores of Auliekol (Burabay) Lake, is one of most well-known attractions of Burabay resort area. ‘Ok zhetpes’ means ‘an arrow cannot reach’ in translation from Kazakh.

Many legends and myths have been created about this unique piece of nature. Zhumbaktas rock, situated near Okzhetpes is usually mentioned in those legends too.

According to one of the legends, a beautiful captive girl, who did not want to be forced to marry, climbed the rock and promised to marry the person, whose arrow would reach top of the rock. Since none of the arrows could reach the rock, and realizing that she would either become a slave or forced to marry she jumped off the rock into the Burabay Lake and died, thus turning into Zhumbaktas rock.

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