Zhumbaktas Rock

In the Northern part of Auliekol Lake (Burabai), between spurs of Kokshe and Temirtau, there is a beautiful gulf. In the middle of this gulf – there is a small rocky island – a pile of weathered granite formations. This rock is called Zhumbaktas, or Mysterious Stone, translated from Kazakh.

Indeed, the rock is mysterious. If you walk from Burabay village to Ablai Khan meadow, and pass by a boat station, the rock resembles a young and beautiful girl, with her hair streaming in the breeze. If you walk further slowly, a profile of the girl becomes a profile of an old woman. Further, if you look at the rock from Okzhetpes Health Resort Hotel, something resembling mysterious Sphinx can be seen.

Zhumbaktas is one of the most famous attraction of Burabay resort area. According to one of the legends, a beautiful captive girl, who jumped from Okzhetpes Rock in order to avoid undesired marriage, became a rock herself.

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