Moiynkum barkhans

The tourists set out on the tour early morning from Taraz to Moiynkum sands with their mysterious dunes and grand camels, stalking along as ships of the desert. Life in the Moiynkul sands does not calm down either in severe winter or in hot summer. Here the hunters with eagles chase hares and foxes. Herds of saigas (antelope) are grazing on the pastures. In the sands the tourists can hunt for wolves and foxes and go fishing on the coast of the picturesque lake Balkhash. In the coolness of yurta the tourists can try national food and healing drinks such as kumys (fermented mare's milk), shubat (fermented camel's milk) and airan (sour milk). Those tourists who wish can cross the desert on horseback or on the camels.

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