Berikkara Urochishche

It was founded in 1971 in Zhualy district, 30 km from the district center B.Momyshuly village, for preserving threatened species of plants. Its total area is 17,500 hectares. In the natural reserve you can view over 50 species of especially valuable woody-shrubby and grassy plants, included in the Red Data Book, such as rare populations of wild apple-trees, narrow-endemic species of Berkara poplar and Graig's tulip. Fauna,of the natural reserve is represented by Karatau arkhar, Indian porcupine, boar, roe deer, hare, partridge, pheasant, wolf, fox, paradise flycatcher and others. Besides, the natural reserve includes five natural canyons: Sayasu, Zhurunsai, Berikkara, Chimyrbaisai and Aksakalsai.

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