Bogatyr Access Komyr

             General Director of LLP "Bogatyr Access Komyr VK Shchukin. Implementation of the plan the company's development up to 2020 calls for more investment in fixed assets and an increase in the year 2017 coal production in two sections, "The Hercules" and "North", to 58 million tons per year. This year, TOO "BAC" plans to produce 45 million tons.
Section Bogatyr Access Komir such a large unit capacity was built in the world for the first time. In this regard, "The Hercules" in 1980 was included in the Guinness Book of Records (during the operation produced more than 1 billion tons of coal), its production capacity to 50 million tons of coal per year. The first stage of the cut was put into operation in November 1970, and in December 1983 until "The Hercules has reached its design capacity ahead of schedule. Miners of this particular section of an honor for the Shipping billionth ton of coal mined in ekibastuzskom field in 2000.
In October 1996, the incision was privatized American company Assess Industries in an open tender, was established LLP Bogatyr Komir. Firstborn Ekibastuzskogo coalfield section "the North", since 1999, also is running TOO Bogatyr Komir.
Since the beginning of production operations, the company engaged in the technical re-equipment of production: there is mounted the world's first self-propelled crane mezhustupny, according to the investment program, commissioned a unique vesodozirovochnye complexes, which have no analogue either in the near or abroad.
In addition to coal, based on the company planned to implement the project "emo", to build a factory for the production of metallic aluminum.

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