Koksai canyon

Lower of Koksai canyon is a buffer zone of Aksu-Zhabagly National Park, which is under administrative control of the South-Kazakhstan Oblast. This area is valuable for its biology, represented by tugai woods, sparse growth of archa bushes, mountain subalpine meadows and steppes. The main wood species of turgai woods include rare and threatened types of Talas and Tien Shan birches, small-leaved willows, Turkestan mountain ash, shrubby and treelike archa.


Mountain steppes and meadows have a wide range of plants, which constitute genofund of valuable decorative plants and herbs, such as St.John's wort, milfoil, zezifora, mullein, Samarkand caraway, blooming sally, odorous chamomile, clary, horse-tail ephedra, various types of tulips, dark-purple columbine, orchis and Talas aconite. The canyon and the ravine are the most remarkable objects of nature in Zhambyl Oblast. They are very popular among foreign tourists visiting Aksu-Zhabagly National Park.


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