Ablai Khan Throne and Ablai Khan Meadow

Ablai Khan is a khan (ruler) of the Middle Juz (one of three traditional divisions of the Kazakh nation), who united all three Kazakh Juzes and intended to create a strong and independent Kazakh state in the XVIII century. Since then, Kazakhs had created and kept many poems and legends about this legendary Khan and many of them are connected to the particular attractions in Burabay and its vicinities.

One of these attractions is a natural granite throne of Ablai Khan, located in the foothills of Kokshe Mountain, which is a sacred place for Kazakhs. Another one is Ablai Khan meadow, a unique monument of nature. This place is characterised by a special microclimate, i.e. special activity of the solar light and an abundance of biologically active ultraviolet waves, which is believed to help human body to ‘rejuvenate’, can be observed here.

According to the legend, in this particular place, representatives of large tribes and clans of the Middle Juz gathered here to hail a poor Sabalak, called Abilmansur at birth, the grandson of the Ablai the Terrible, as a Khan by exalting him on the white felt to the natural stone Throne.

... In 1991, the year of celebrating of 280th anniversary of Ablai Khan, a stele was established on the Ablai Khan Meadow. In addition, a museum with unique expositions and rich library, devoted to Ablai Khan, was opened the same year. Nowadays many tourists in Burabay visit Ablai Khan Meadow at least once, in order to listen to the legends, take photos and just see the spectacular view of the Mountains of Burabay resort area.


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