Tekturmas architectural complex-the 10th-14th centuries

It is one of the most ancient religious places, built on the right bank of the Talas river in the south-eastern part of the city of Taraz, on the hill, rising above the neighborhood. Tekturmas is considered to be a burial place of Saint Sultan-Makhmud-Khan. The formation of the complex started in the seventh-eleventh centuries, before penetration of Islam. The mausoleum, built in the period of Islam in 1935, was ruined.


At present a mausoleum of medieval type was restored in its place. Nearby there is a mausoleum built on the grave of the great Kazakh hero Mambet. Down from the hill there is a beautiful view of the city of Taraz. The impression is increased by the river Talas, running nearby, which gave the name to the ancient town. In the 10th-13th centuries in this place there was a stone bridge, and the caravans crossed it on their was through Taraz. The architectural complex is an object of pilgrimage.

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