According to the rules and codes of Russian Empire living of Tatar-muslims, germans-Lutherans and other non-Christians in new emigrant towns and in selos (countries) were forbidden or limited. But the influence of rich Tatar families from the nearest Troitsk town has changed the situation. Tatarskaya, after Shakirovskaya, after Narimanovskaya sloboda played the important role in life if young Kostanay. The main donator for the building of mosque became the famous trade and charitable person of ХIХ – the beginning ХХ centuries the representative of Troitsk trade house «Bratya Yaushevy» Abdulvaley Ahmedhanovich Yaushev.

Semicircle lug of twoo floor mosque finished with the high balcon, from which muslims were called for the pray. The building of the mosque was divided for two tiers. The lower tier, which was covered with voylok was for poor muslims, and the second floor, which was covered with luxurious carpets was for local nobles.
In the year of 1931 by the decision of town Council the building of mosque was transferred for club. The first cinema mechanician S. Zakharov remember: «The cinema in the club was shown only in the evenings, there wasn´t exact time, and in the posters they wrote – the beginning of the film is after the cows». In the times of The World War II in the building there was a evacuation centre, it sheltered the evacuated p from Leningrad. After the War there was a cinema theatre of young spectator, after the building was rebuilt for the concert hall of regional philharmonic. At this time there is a mosque again.

The description
The date – 1893 year
The address of location: Kostanay, Al-Farabi str. 44 corner with Abay str.

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