Ak-Baur - ancient astronomic complex

Ak-Baur is 38 kilometers from Ust-Kamenogorsk city, at the top of Ak-Baur stream behind Leninka township.  Ancient astronomic laboratory with granite plates saved in their original appearance, this plates bear information astronet with image of the Great Bear constellation and site with sun dial marking drawn on it. Nearby there is a grotto in granite massive, saving symbols and signs on its surface, which describes the moment when spaceship landed at this place. Stone steps, leading to grotto are also connected with cosmological system of symbols - it is ascent to the higher world. There are many crosses among the symbols - they are signs of the Sun.


Most likely, this is celestial map, described by our ancestors. One of the cliffs has artificial holes. If we will full one of them with water, when the Sun rises on the day vernal equinox its rays is resisted reflected & go to the higher hole. There is a big stone near the cliff. It has also holes as if made for billiard balls. Probably, it was for making sacrifice or just place for melted ore of ancient metallurgist. Also ore bullions were found there, which shapes are the same as of holes. Also remnants blast-furnace are found there, some of them are small – so 2-3 men could find room there, the other are just gigantic. Several hundred meters away from there are petroglifs, drawing local animals: Siberian stags, Siberian wild mountain goats. Some scientists believe Ak-Baur complex is a unique energetical and informational generator that has poles clearly limited to the sides of horizon. The most favorable days to visit this unique place – days solstice.: March 22 or September 22.

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