State Natural Reserve - Kyzyltau

                 State Nature Reserve - Kyzyltau - located on the south-west of Bayan-Aul area in north-eastern part of Saryarka. The total area of 60000 hectares. Organized for the protection and reproduction of rare species of animals and their habitats. The situation in the natural zoning - steppe landscape zone of temperate regions, the southern subzone fescue-feather grass steppes, the country Kazakh plateau and hills, Bayanaul-Karkarala District, Bayanaul area.
Relief is the rocky hills of matratsevidnyh granites and domed hills-hills. Half of the area is occupied by valleys and closed depressions. Characteristic steep rocky slopes, scree. Territory is located in the Caledonian fold zone Tsenralnogo Kazakhstan and is composed of sedimentary-vulkanigennymi dolschami lower and middle Paleozoic. Surface waters are shallow stream. Groundwater is confined to the intrusive rocks of different ages. In depressions occur at a depth of 3-10 meters on watersheds up to 30 meters or more, the regime is not permanent. The soils are dominated by incomplete and underdeveloped dark-brown detrital, the meadows and gullies meadow-brown, saline soils. Karaganov-fescue, Karaganov ovsetsovye-steppe with thickets and birch-aspen groves of the lowlands. At the tops of the mountains is growing juniper.
Mammals: badger, wolf, marmot, steppe polecat, hare, fox and others. Animal welfare - argali. Ornitofano: gray partridge, grouse, berkut and other Ministers of the Kazakh SSR on February 17, 1986 number 69, which was abolished by Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Kazakhstan from 19.06.1992 № 537.

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