Stella of independence

Stella independence was opened in 2006. Stella dekarirovana tulpars four sides, signifying fearlessness of a lion, the vision of a falcon, physical power and strength of a bull, quickness, speed and plastic deer, cunning foxes and resourcefulness in their struggle against the enemies. You can also find designs with national powerhouses.

At the top of steles was set Arrangement Eagle under the sun. Eagle or eagle in the world outlook of the nomads has a special place. His image in the arms and flags of nations and ethnic groups living in Kazakhstan, has a long tradition. In the language of symbolism silhouette of an eagle means of state power, breadth and vision. For steppe is a symbol of freedom, independence, commitment to goals, to height, flying in the future. However, the eagle, having a powerful force, able to give a fitting rebuff to anyone who tries to hinder the achievement of the future. The silhouette of an eagle came and the idea of striving young sovereign Kazakhstan in the height of world civilization.

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