Medeo Mountain Skating Rink

Виртуальный тур

Medeo Skating Rink is the highest mountainous sport complex in the world. This fabled palace fits into the gorge panorama at an altitude of 1961 metres above the sea level. The mild climate of the natural boundary, an optimum level of the solar radiation, the lowered atmospheric pressure, calm, pure mountain water from which the skating rink ice is prepared, have provided an excellent quality and have created fine conditions for achievement of high sports results. More than 120 world records have been placed here.

In recent years the functions of skating rink have considerably increased. Here tournaments and competitions on football, volleyball, basketball, a short-track are held. On the Medeo sport complex, swimmers, athletes,  fighters and boxers spend their gatherings . Also near the ice stadium there are a swimming pool, restaurants and cafes.

Рigh-mountain skating rink Medeo is perceived as an image of Almaty city and even of Kazakhstan. And it is no coincidence, because the skating rink has a worldwide fame


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