Ancient site of ancient settlement Saraishyk

Saraishyk – one of the most ancient monuments of Kazakhstan. Сарайшык a cradle of the Kazakh Horde. Unique property of our independent republic. A great heritage of the Kazakh people. Saraishyk a worship for sources of an antiquity and a connecting thread with the future. A shed a tribute of memory to the wise men living and writing annals of our state, and gratitude for revival of the forgotten. Scientific historians carry history of occurrence of this city to 13 century, that is connect with the period of invasion of the Chingis-khan and Khan Batyja. To reached till today to the facts written primary sources about this small town have appeared in first half of 14 centuries. In them about the Shed it is told as about a city where trade and an applied art have been developed
 The first data about Saraishyk was written by the known Arabian scientific geographer, traveller Ibn of the Trampoline has written. One of its trips to Asia in 1334 passed through «Ulken the Shed» (the Shed Berk capital the Horde Three-copecks piece). At this time it also has visited the Shed. About it he writes so: «Having overcome a ten-day way on a cartage from Sarajshyka, we have reached Saraj Dzhuk city. There was this beautiful blossoming city at coast wide, deep-water with a strong watercourse under the name of Ulysu (in transfer –« Great water »- from a bus) And the second in the world, after Bagdad, the floating bridge is built here. The saraydjuk on-mongolski means the Small palace. At that time the main palace was the Three-copecks piece the Horde, and the Shed named the Small palace. From here and the name of Sarajshyk (in transfer with Kazakh small). Then documentary records about Sarajshyke contained in works of an English merchant, friend Ivan Groznogo VI, Antonija Dzhenkinsona. In 1558-1559 during the travel across Northern and East Caspian sea it has visited the city of Sarajshyke. «In one of days of the travel to the sea we have appeared in a beautiful coastal city under the name the Shed. The city was in possession of the Tatar prince of Izmail, the closest friend of the Russian tsar. As the city directly along the line caravans which connected the east and the West has been located, trade and an applied art» here have been very developed - such lines contained in letters of an English merchant.

«Saraishyk named in works of Arabian historians ХІ of a century, a city who has been anew revived on a place of the medieval city of Saksin which was in Х-Х ІІ centuries have been constructed by means of the Khorezm prisoners on a way of trading messages», - so visible archeologists S.P.Tolstov and G.I.Patsevich write, being based on results of researches of archaeological expedition which has been spent in the Western Kazakhstan by Republic Kazakhstan Academy of sciences in 1950. They, leaning against these researches, divide existence of the city of Saraishyk into three conditional periods: 
 1. Х-ХІ centuries the Renaissance and a bookmark of a fundamental city.
 2. Х ІІІ-ХІV centuries the Period of existence the Horde Three-copecks piece as large shopping centre which connected Europe, Central Asia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia and China, i.e. the blossoming and development of the city period.
 3. XV-XVI centuries Capital of the Nogajsky Horde, defeat of approaches of Cossacks. The exact and unconditional conclusion that «the city is built in ХII» was is made by the founder of the Kazakh archeology of Alkeem Margulanom by results of the excavation, made it in 1950. Spending excavation last years on a place of a burial place of a city scientists of Republican institute of archeology also prove correctness of the scientist stated above opinion. With direct support of Akima of Atyrausky area of Imangali Tasmagambetova in 1999 on a place of a burial place of the city of Saraishyk has been constructed мемориально – a historical complex. To inform the history lived by our people, as a vivid example to rising generation there is a unique purpose for creation such, certainly, beautiful monument of architecture. Memorial building has begun on May, 2nd, 1999. And same year its solemn opening on September, 3rd has taken place. This building became national where all population of area has been involved on the present. All coordination of this very important and big work have incurred the Administration of the region and Mahambetsky area. Into complex structure have entered:
 1. Hansky pantheons. The architect former Akim of Atyrausky area of Imangali Tasmaganbetov. Height of 17 metres, 8 гранный. Between walls the monument to seven khans buried in the Shed is established. On black marble names of khans are cut and dates of their board are named.
 • Munch Temir (1266-1282)
 • Toktagu (Тokty) (1291-1312)
 • Zhanibek (1343-1353)
 • Amir Ohas (14.,-1447)
 • Kasym the khan (1511-1518)
 • Shih Mamaj (1542-1549)
 • Zhusip the Khan (1549-1554)

 2. A mosque (internal, appearance). The length of a mosque of 13 metres, width of 6 metres 50 see From within a mosque completely Minbars are equipped, established михрабы. Library where along with the Koran there are also other religious books. Every Friday passes a Friday Mohammedan prayer. Here at first the Koran is read, then prayers are said. Means for ringing of church bells are established.
 1. A museum 
  The museum is equipped by the exhibits having a historical value which have been found at archeological excavations. The breadboard model of the city of Sarajshyk in XIV century is developed.



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