Mosque of Aitbai

The mosque was built in 1878 by order of the local rich man Aitbai. The masters from Aulieata took part in construction of the mosque. In 1980 it was examined by the group of architects from the institute "Kazproektrestavratsiya." Mosque is located in the center of the city. Its shape is elongated rectangle. It is divided into a living room and lobby by the inner wall. The mosque is built of baked bricks, the roof is made of iron. Facades are decorated with a figured brickwork. The interiors are plastered and whitewashed, the ceiling is painted. There is a courtyard building belonging to a common set of mosque. Its size is 22 x 16 meters. The mosque of Aitbai is of scientific interest in architecture of towns near Syrdarya.



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