House-Museum of Yemelyan Pugachyov

Addresse: Uralsk, Dostyk-Druzhba av., 35,
Phone: 8 (7112) 26 49 86


Among the town’s museums the Monument of history and wooden architecture of XVIII century – the House-museum of Yemelyan Pugachyov – is in worthy requisition of the population and guests of the town. Motherland enters the consciousness of every person together with history of the town, its architectural and historical monuments. One of such monuments is the house-museum of Yemelyan Pugachyov. And not only because the fire of the great peasant war of 1773-1775 blazed here. First of all this house is connected with the names of famous Russian researchers, writers who got here historical material for their works. From 1967 there was a library in the house. Since 1991 the unique monument of history has been placed under control of the oblast historical-regional museum. The museum exposes original things of Cossack life and armament, banners, cannons, valuable presents of tsar and soon.


Each thing of one hundred museum’s exhibits is another touch to the distinctive and peculiar history of yaitskiye Cossacks, the land’s history.

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