Oblast “know-your-country” museum

Addresse: Uralsk, Dostyk-Druzhba av., 184
Phone: 8 (7112) 50 65 28, 50 51 65, 51 19 52

West Kazahstan “know-your-country” museum is one of the oldest museums in Kazakhstan. The museum was formed in 1832 by G. Karelin and L. Berg, famous scientists of that time. Nowadays the museum is placed in a historical building, which was built in 1879 in the “east style” for Russian-Kazakh school.

The museum has the following branches: the house-museum of Manshuk Mametova, the hero of the Soviet Union; the house-museum of E. Pugachev; house-museum of the artist Saken Gumarov; nature and ecology museum in Uralsk, museum complex of the famous writer M. Sholohov in the village of Daryinsk of Zelyonovskiy region; the Syrym regional know-your-country museum after S. Datuly.

The museum has the richest collection, where you will see more than a hundred thousand artifacts. Among them there are items of applied art, armours of batyrs, horse harnesses, khan’s scepter, copy of camisole of khanness Fatima, wife of Zhangir khan, picturesque portraits of khans of the Younger Zhuz and domestic stuff of Priuralie’s people.

The museum has some halls, which are devoted to archeology, history of middle ages, Zolotaya Orda period and history of the beginning of the Yaik town, history of Younger Zhuz, history of Bokey Khanate, history of the Soviet period, history of art, literature, science and education of West Kazakhstan region, ethnography of Kazakh people, history of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

West Kazakhstan oblast know-your-country museum keeps many fine monuments of culture and art. It gives a unique opportunity to educate the young generation. Based on the results of social research, officers of the museum developed academic programs on history and culture of Priuralie for students of schools and colleges.

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