Site of ancient settlement of Kojlyk

Kojlyk – capital city карлукских tribes, the biggest site of ancient settlement of the Ilijsky valley located on east suburb of village Kojlyk of Sarkansky area of Almaty area. It is considered the monument of history dated VIII-XIV centuries. As a result of excavation which are conducted here from the end of the twentieth century, archeologists have found out considerable number of the various constructions surrounded with a fortification, reaching four metres in height.

Kojlyk it is known for that in this city peacefully adjoined Buddhist and манихейский temples, Christian churches and Muslim mosques. Acknowledgement to that is in diary sketches “Travel to east countries” the ambassador of king Louis IX - monk Giloma Rubruka. In 1253 the Frenchman, going to Karakorum to the Mongolian khan Munke, has passed through this ancient city in the Ilijsky valley. And today, after seven centuries, archeologists find in Kajalyke much from this that the citizen of the French crown described: a palace cult constructions of different faiths, (east bath).

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