The Bes-Shatyr burial mounds

The Bes-Shatyr burial mounds - is the main sightseeing of the state national natural park "Altyn-Emel", located within the administrative borders of the Kerbulak region. "Bes-Shatyr" is translated as "five tents": on amounts of the most greater burial mounds on this territory, a part of them excavated by the archaeologists in medium past age and is presents by itself the heap of spread by bulldozer ploughs. Little who will surprise by burial mounds in Zhetysu: typical ones meet often, but here is great amount among so named "royal" burial mounds in 10 metres height, no one has equal edge not only in Kazakhstan but in Central Asia.

Nekropol of Besshatyr considered as saint among ancient saks, lived in I thousand years before now days on territory Kazakhstan. Here on area in 2 square. km 18 royal burial mounds by diameter from 8 to 70 metres and height from 2 to 20 metres are concentrated. On the west side of royal coffins from north to south stretched the chain of 45 stone railings, on which animal drawings dislodged. The scientist expects that this is a ritual platform of necropolis. Difficult by it’s construction the burial vault made of tyan-shan fir-tree.

Saks burial vaults as Kzylauyz, Altyn-Emel, Karashoky are situated near by Besshatyr. More late funerals are located in 3 km to south-east: funeral of uysuns Besshatyr II, consisting of 40 burial mounds, a little further - funeral of Kalkan I, counting 118 funeral buildings, and in mounting pass of Altyn-Emel - funerals of 36 burial mounds.

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