Hand-written rocks

On the river Or, in a city district of Kapchagaja, there is a unique monument of culture of the last centuries - rock drawings of Buddhas. They name "Written stones", "Red rocks". And local residents it is natural boundary named Tamgalytas, those. Stones with sacred signs (in transfer with Kazakh, Tamgaly - a sacred sign, тас - a stone).

The central image – 3 Buddhas – concerns II century B.C. Other two images – later period, XVI-XVII centuries of our era. Петроглифы, representing Buddhas, correspond to images of Buddhas of northern India. Images of the Buddha symbolise peaceful culture of the people occupying territory of Semirechja, and are in northern direction of the Great Silk Way where, calmness the world was necessary for cooperation of the different people of the countries of Asia and Europe.

Rock drawings became throughout many centuries. Most ancient of them go back to the beginning of the first millenium B.C. Often there are images of a wild horse, a camel, a goat, mares a foal, архара, and also the image of a wild horse – kylana Inscriptions on  and Kalmyk languages have appeared much later.

Researches of AN РК, and also scientific other countries prove pricelessness and uniqueness петроглифов Kapshagajsky region and necessity of preservation of this monument for the future generations of the country. According to the known regional specialist V.Proskurin, this place was considered among nomads special, esteemed. Here cured illnesses and restored health.

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