Two ancient installations, made of natural stone, called dyn, located in Amangeldinskiy rayon of Kostanayskaya oblast, next to the aul Ekidyn (Sarytorgay). Admittedly they dated by the early Iron Age. It seems that primordial they have the ritual, sacral meaning. Due to the local legends, in the valley, where the dyns are located, in XVII-XVIII centuries the bloody battle happened here. Exactly here were the main points of two clans, which were at odds with each other. In the 80-th of XX century the restoration of partially ruinous dyns was conducted, owing to the means, which were gathered by local inhabitants.

Ekidyn I located on the left bank of river Kara-Turgai, on the distance of 0, 73 km. from the river and 1,5 km. from the winter camp Beisen, on the territory, which administratively belongs to the city of Arkalyk.

Tumulus is made of stone and soil. The diameter of embankment is 15 meters, height is 0,7 meters. Around the tumulus there is a ditch, the width is 5 meters, the depth is 0.3 meters. The ditch doesn't embrace the entire tumulus. From the southern-eastern part there is a pass, the width of which is around 0, 15 meters.

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