Depression Karaki or Lake Batir

"That stretches the famous Depression Karaki (Karagiye) - a giant hollow in one hundred thirty feet below the level of the Dead sea. Involuntarily encompasses the idea that you have accidentally found themselves at the Bay of the Dead Sea in the Sinai Peninsula. You see, just as in the biblical scriptures, saline lakes, downs, loose sand dunes, the huge rocks, similar to the inaccessible to any enemy of the natural defensive fortress. A snowy mountain, just floating randomly on the firmament whitish clouds, remind you wrapped in a haze of icebergs along the coast of Greenland, "- thus wrote our countryman Abish Kekilbaev in his book" Land of unsolved mysteries. "

  One of the deepest drainage basins of the Commonwealth of Independent Countries, the fifth largest basin is Karaki. Its depth is known to any student - 132 m. The length of about fifty miles. Karaka is part of the Ustyurt bluffs basin is composed of Neogene sediments. The upper part of the depression of the Sarmatian rag, the central part of the same - from soft, easily lend themselves to the destruction of clay rocks. Mudslides, wind, fossil river channels of their deformed shape relief of depression.

From the height of the depression's interesting to see the neighborhood - away misty haze blanketed the horizon, and near the gulf, breathtaking. No wonder "Karaka" in translation from Turkic means "black mouth". Appear velvety hills surrounding feast for the eyes of passing travelers.
Depression Karaki in the distant past was part of the Caspian Sea, was filled with sea abyss, and stood out in the Gulf Karagiye. It is in this form captures Gulf Karagiye on the map, which was a research scientist at the Eastern Caspian, Alexander Bekovich-Cherkasky. The north-eastern escarpment of depression Karaki preserved historical monuments, sites of ancient peoples.

Once in the hollow cavity located salt lake, called Batir ( "brave warrior"). The scientists, ethnographers, historians had still argue, in honor of a batir named this lake. According to one version, on mountain tops bordering the lake, many years in a combat patrol conducted Ep Tulep Anetuly. Preserved patrol altitude, referred to as "upland Tulepa" ( "Tulep shokysy"). Nearby survived several parking lots with wells in which Tulep poil his horse.

Area covered with legends Karaki. Seasoned elders tell us that there were many hunters find treasure in the rocky canyons Karaki. And it must be the same, some lucky ones managed to do it. Inquisitive rangers to this day are wonderful little things that are in the hands of professionals gain value.

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