Mountain-piala Sherkala

Who really wanted to know Mangistau region, he must have been to the magnificent mountain canyons, which crowns a beauty-Sherkala. Some argue that it resembles a bowl, which turned sated traveler. Others claim that the mountain looks like a tent on the one hand, and on the other hand - on Hidden beast. Stands in the middle of the desert expanses proud Sherkala - Mountain - Sphinx, capricious and does not tolerate the curious onlookers. It is difficult to climb, even harder to get off, in its caves are not allowed - they are inhabited by spirits. This assures the local old-timers. Sherkaly considered one of the shrines Mangistau.

In the Middle Ages Sherkaly at the foot of the Great Silk Road. At different times and ages this mountain, located between the central and western Karatau Ridge Mountains, amazed by its elegance and beauty.

"Life is what we call happiness, lies on top, and it leads to a steep road." Sherkaly or some other mountain sage Saadi had in mind or not, but, overcoming obstacles and climbing on Sherkaly, get a real pleasure, which is called happiness. Historians say that on top of the mountain was once the city-fortress. Fortress for many centuries served as a stone bastion, restraining aggressive fervor strangers.
Poets glorified mountain Sherkala. Many artists try Mangistau his pen, arriving at the open-air in these scenic spots. Beauty-Sherkala imprinted in the figures Shevchenko, Polish artist, citing Mangyshlak, B. Zaleski.

Gore is composed of upper Cretaceous rocks, clays, sandstones, marls, limestones. The northern part of the mountain more ruined vsevyduvayuschim vseprobivayuschey wind and water. These giants have reshaped the nature of many mountains, the immutability of which, it seems, could be eternal. Here and here Shirkala in its array has many interesting sculptures in the form of stand alone posts. It also includes a tunnel through which you can climb to the summit.
South and east of the mountains are steep and precipitous, the upper part of the same blurred.

Currently, the beautiful Sherkala is a favorite place of tourists and guests of the province. Who really wanted to know Mangistau region, he must have been to this beautiful mountain canyon

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