Underground mosque Becket - Ata

Виртуальный тур

One of the respected people in western Kazakhstan is Becket-ata Myrzagul uly. As a Sufi, dressed in a hair shirt, he chose to recluse confinement pristine desert land, forgotten by God and man - Mangyshlak Peninsula. Master-builder Becket-ata rocky spurs built four mosques. The first in Kulsary - it is called Ak-Mosque, second in the Cretaceous rocks, 20 km from the village Beineu, third - and fourth place Tobykty underground mosque cut down in an array of Cretaceous rocky promontory in the tract Oglandy.

Born Becket-Ata in the second half of XVIII century near the village Kulsary Atyrau region. In 14 years, came to bow to ashes of the revered sage Shopan-Ata, received his blessing and mandate to study. In distant Khiva Madrassah he learned the science. Reaching the age of 40, became a Sufi, he began to teach children to read. He healed people: it came to the infirm and suffering, he gave them health and vitality. In addressing controversial issues he has shown wisdom, which led both sides to agree. In his sermons Becket-Ata instructed believers to be fair and do good.
Sage and the saint remained in people's memory and as a soldier who has made heroic deeds in battle with the Kalmyks. He had a heroic strength and courage, like his great-grandfather - Eset-warrior. With the blessing of the Holy Spirit multiply good deeds. Bechet sufi-Ata not to let down those who approach him for help.
Becket-feast is remembered in the memory of the people and as a predictor, prophet, which is open book of life.

Underground mosque Becket-Ata in the area Oglandy, which became his last refuge, in spite of difficulties of access, is a place of mass pilgrimage. It is said that after visiting the grave of this saint, and mosques from believers cures. Others say that the room carved into the rock mosque faithfully replicate the layout of the rooms of the pyramid of Cheops! By the experts, this is an unusual similarity is associated with the fact that the symbolism of Sufism has taken over many of the mystical symbols of antiquity, including the Egyptian priests.

Necropolis Becket-Ata - spiritual, historical and architectural monument. It affects the extraordinary acoustics of the underground mosques - in all the rooms amazing audibility read prayers. Moreover, when the doors are open, there is no outlet draft. It seems that a Sufi, in fact intuitively grasped the laws of science. Scientists have put forward a bold hypothesis that the mosque Becket-ata was like an observatory, in which the saint was watching the movement of celestial bodies. This allowed him to accurately predict harsh winter, scorching heat, rainfall, determine the time at otkochevok dzhaylyau ...

At the top of the tract is Oglandy house pilgrims, which is also called "house with blue domes. Many legends can be heard in this house on the miraculous abilities Becket-Pir.



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