Geological objects of Pavlodar region

          In territory of area there are geological, geomorphological and hydrological objects of state natural-reserved fund having republican and international meanings representing special ecological, scientific, cultural and other value, of the especially protected natural territories, referred to a category, of republican meaning concern: Grot Drawert, Grot Jug, Cave Aulye, Cave Konyraulye, Spring Aulyebulak, Spring Toleubulak, Gorge Aimanbulak, Gorge of Stone miracles, Gorge Rahay, Gorge Ushsala.
          Cave Konyraulye the name " Konyraulye " goes from times of the prophet Noi, rescuer of the world, animals and birds. At the world flood three tell were late in the ship of the prophet Noja, there there were no places, then having connected three tree they have sat on them and have become attached to the ship. There were they on the world current from north on the south. By first has come across a stone and has come off tree of the grown-up sacred Kulan. It was in area of a mountain Kyzyl Tau (still name Aulye - tau). By second has come across a stone tree average Aulye Kyrana, to a mountain Аkbet - highest mountain. After recession of water, when have begun to open mountains tree third sacred Konyr has come to cave, where it and has located. Therefore cave it is long since considered as a sacred place palomnichestwo. The reason of such worship is taking place in depth cave stone kazan, at the bottom which water constantly accumulates. To this water the properties are attributed to relieve of all illnesses, down. In all times came to cave the woman trusting, that, having spent the night there they can bring posterity, and it actually was executed. Now cave also is one of places, where aspire to get thousand tourists. From it(her) the amazing kind on a reserved part Bayanaul of national park opens. The rise to cave Konyraulye is equipped with ladders of length 110 meters, through everyone 10-15 meters of rise the platform for rest is stipulated. The general extent пещеры about 30 м, cave consists of two chambers.
          Rock Naizatas, in times soldier and invasion from rock Naizatas in the afternoon and night order supervision over campaigns to mountains. Thousand people and aul settled down in mountain districts protection against invasion and soldier. On top of a rock it is possible to rise only by one way, at height of 700 meters is present Казан with water, and as on a mountain there is belt. The rock reminds the form "naizy", therefore rock name Naizatas. A rock Naizatas is brought in an emblem Bayanaul SNNP, as a symbol of invincibility and rebelliousness.
          If to look at a rock from lake Тоraigyr, she looks heavily on back legs mamont.
The rock Кеmpirtas is one of most visited by object among the tourists. Each tourist who has visited in territories BSNNP, necessarily visits rock, and admires thousand years creation of a nature. His uniqueness is characterized by that it was created by nature by forces of a wind, sun and water grinding an image fantastic Baba-Jaga (Кеmpirtas). The rock Кеmpirtas is visible from some raised points of a road from lake Тоraigyr to lake Dgasybay.
         Rock Saimantas. To stone objects, under name "by a valley of stone miracles" the rocks "a Horse head", "Ogautas" enter, "Takijtas" and basic favourite place of the having a rest tourists is rocks " Saimantas ". Having peered in one rock come delight from similar with the name. The whole columns of stone bodies show evolution an origin of a human body, since children's up to senile. Miracle this creation of a nature. The reminding alive body of the men, through which creates to itself similar.
        Tomb Dgasybay batyr. XVIII - one of memorable times for the Kazakh people protecting states and the independence - epoch, embodied in a history under the name "Aktaban-shubyryndy" - "Years of great disaster".
         In 1741 jahre, when Аblay, chapter Average guz, was in captivity at dgungar Galdan-Ceren, dgungars tried to grasp Karkaralinsky and bayanaul of steppe from the party Irtysh - arranged often sorties and attacks on aul, stole cattle, plundered, burnt dwellings of the peace Kazakhs. In a picturesque valley Gambak, Olgabay batyr with the nephew Dgasybay and with others have organized group for of an enemy.
         "Pisanica", or "pisanye stones", - not clear marks, figures, totem. With old пор the people in most different, at times unexpected places encountered them. Not were able to explain their occurrence and meaning, the imagination of the people allocated them magic with force, gave mystical meaning. The man tried to avoid these places. Can be, therefore ruthless time and has informed " pisanica " whole up to now? 
          On pisanica it is possible to see 15 figures; from them 10 to attribute to the images of the people in different poses, and three figures, undoubtedly belong to the men. The small sizes grot promoted election it for dwelling even of one man. The walls differ by the special cleanliness. Most likely, it was something like, intended for a storage of subjects of a cult, and figures on had, apparently, any religious or magic meaning. Next гроты, more extensive and capacious, could serve convenient enough.
          Mawzolei Mashur Gusup Коpeew. When write or read about Bayanaul - recollect, that the people from old times considered this place sacred. Between settlements Каrasuk and Ganagol there is a memorable place - district Eskeldy, in translation on Russian - "the Owner has come". The collector of a history and folklore of the Kazakh people, poet Mashur here has lead last three years of life Mashur Gusup Коpeew. Here on a hill is it mawzolei - mawzolei Mashur Gusup Коpeew was the versatile man. Knowledge it is enciklopedi. It wrote clauses about harm of arsons; how to mow a grass to keep her; what horse to plant; on what grounds what to sow; how to treat the horses; how to search for water etc. As the public figure it achieves opening fairs; as the geologist it advises, where and how to dig.
          The name Коpeew in the people is known not only as a name of the poet, folklor, historian, ethnographer, philosopher. It at life has found a name sacred, having gift clearly see. From different places the people went to it to receive. The so unusual combination in one man of remarkable abilities and talents even at life has put forward it in number great son Bayanaul of ground.

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