Istoriko-museum of local lore of М. Tynyshbaeva

In a museum 27454 exhibits. Размер a hall of exhibits-1091 sq.m. Quantity of employees – 9 are placed. The museum of M.Tynyshbaeva is opened in March, 1st, 1974. The unique museum in area where, collects and stores history of Zhetysusky edge. In 1993 to a museum the name of Muhamedzhana Tynyshpaeva has been appropriated. M.Tynyshbaev (1879-1937). Annually a museum visit about 50 thousand persons. The museum main task – to impart to people skills of historical thinking.

In an exposition the local flora and fauna are shown. There is a card about the locations of reserves and the hunting economy of the Taldy-Kurgan area. The ware is shown a various kind: from the big bronze coppers to the graceful clay vessels concerning by an epoch of bronze.

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