The Kapshagajsky region is located in a southeast part of Almaty region, in the Priilijsky valley. The city of Kapshagaj is formed on a site of Kapshagajsky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION in 1970 when the first unit of Kapshagajsky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION has given an industrial current.
The region territory makes 3600 sq. km. In territory of region of 2 rural districts in which 11 settlements are.

In Kapshagajsky region lives 54,4 thousand persons, from them the city population - of 40,4 thousand persons, agricultural population - 14,0 thousand persons
On a city territory there is an artificial Kapshagajsky water basin the area at a design mark of 485 m - 1847 sq. km, the maximum volume of a water basin makes 28,0 billion in cubic metre At coast of the Kapshagajsky water basin are located 246зон and bases of rest (registered), boarding houses and sanatoria "Gold dust", "Metallurgist", "Ermin", bases of rest «Freedome», «Ajna of a sou», "Robinzon", "Marina Klab" which the arranged well cottages, summer cafes, parking places have, there is a complex of services.The city of Kapshagaj, being a city of regional submission, has favourable transportno - a geographical position. Settling down in focus of communications of a foothill zone with an exit through the central and northern Kazakhstan to Russia both in the European countries and through northern part of Almaty area to China.

The city of Kapshagaj - the companion of Almaty with the developed industry, a tourist and improving complex, water both by rail and wide sphere of services.
The basis of economic potential is made by manufacture of building materials, mukomolno-krupjanaja and  the easy and food industries.On available complexities in economy in 2008 development industrially-industrial zone in Zarechnom rural district is continued. 3 new industrial productions are entered is Open Company "Ilnogroup" on release металлоконструкций, Open Company «Nika a layer» on release of plastic pipes, Open Company "Хенкель" on release of dry building mixes. Industrial shops are constructed and the equipment on Open Company "Пеноплэкс" - factory on release теплоизоляционных plates from экструдированного полистерола is delivered. On floor spaces TSC «Energy» the factory on release of metal support for electric mains with shop cold оцинковки - Open Company "Жерсуметалл" is constructed. Have expanded capacities of Open Company "АЗОК" and Open Company "Polimermetall".

Positive growth of indicators in sphere of small business is observed. In 2008 has been created 54 subjects of a small-scale business, including, business centre, the trading house, 12 shops, 8 cafes, restaurant, pub, 2 hairdressing salons, 7 beauty salons, fitness club, 3 baths-saunas, 1 HUNDRED, 2 cinemas, 1 disco, 1 casino.

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