The State Art Museum named after A. Kasteev

Satpaev street, 30a
tel.: 247-82-49

In 2005 there was the 70th anniversary of the State Art Museum named after A. Kasteev. Since its establishment, the museum has been a main centre of an art life of Kazakhstan. Over the years, the museum has collected the products of masters from Western Europe, Russian, Soviet art and Kazakhstan

Nowadays the museum collection has more than 22 000 first-class exhibits that make up the country's national heritage. The pearls of the national and world culture are represented in 14 halls of the museum. As a result of systematic work activity, collection of Kazakhstan graphic and an applied art products differ with its fullness and variety.

Items of folk applied arts, reflect all the areas of Kazakhs lifestyle over a long period. All kinds of art craft are marked by high art taste and mastery - weaving, embroidery, felt products, woodcarving, horse equipment, arts of jewellers.

In the halls of fine arts of Kazakhstan, you can trace the history of formation and development of easel art. Art School of Kazakhstan is presented by the names of known masters of different generations: A. Kasteev, I. Ismailov, A. Cherkassky, L.Leont'ev, Telzhanov K., A. Galimbaeva, S. Mambeev, H. Naurzbaev, A. Aytbaev., A. Sadyhanov, E. Mergenov, T. Togusbaev and etc.

A rich collection of the Soviet painters' works includes masterpieces of P. Filonov, P. Kuznetsov, K Redko, O. Rozanova, S. Sarian, U. Tansyebaev, S. Konenkov, M. Aslamazian, G. Aitiev and etc.

Beautiful paintings, which are exhibited in the halls of Russian art, mirror the history of Russian art from XVIII to XX centuries. It was traced in the works of F. Rokotov, D. Levitsky, C. Brullov, I. Repin, I. Kramskoy.

Western-europian art collection includes original master works of art of XVI - XIX centuries of 4 major schools: the Italian, Dutch, Flemish and French - Kambiazo, Savereya, Dyuge, Ostade, Koro, Dobin, Gudona, Kuazevo.

The exhibition of the Eastern countries' art represents the art of India, China, Japan, Korea. Also you can see here Dungan, Uighur, Tibetan masters, who became famous by bronze items, wood and stone craving, lacquer products, embroidery, porcelain, ceramics.

Nowadays the State Museum of Fine Arts named after A. Kasteev works on restoration and academic researches. It becomes the centre of gravity of new cultural initiatives. Broad contacts allow organizing personal exhibitions of Kazakhstan masters works, and also artists of near and far abroad, an exhibition of private collections causing huge interest of fine arts fans.


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