Arystan-Bab Mausoleum

The mausoleum was erected over the grave of a famous religious mystic Arystan-Bab, who lived in XII century. The first building of the mausoleum belongs to the XIV-XV centuries. Only the carved wooden pillars is left from it. In the XVIII century on the site of an ancient tomb, which was destroyed by an earthquake, was built two domed building with aiwan, supported by two carved wooden columns. The building of XVIII century was destroyed and in 1909 was rebuilt again. It can be seen from the inscription on one of the cartridges frieze. In 1971, due to the high groundwater level, leading her to the emergency condition, the mosque was demolished and rebuilt. The building was built from baked bricks.

Today, the mausoleum is one of the Muslim holy places of Central Asia and a pilgrimage place as well. According to the legend, Arystan-Bab was one of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad. Once the Prophet Muhammad and his companions were sitting and eating persimmons. One of the fruits all the time was falling out of the dish, and the prophet heard the revelation: "This persimmon is intended for a Muslim Ahmed, who will be born 400 years after you". The Prophet asked his companions, who transmitted this persimmon to its future owner. No one volunteered. The Prophet repeated his question, and then Arystan-Bab replied: "If you ask Allah for 400 years of life more, then I will give this persimmon. According to folk tradition and written sources ( "Risolai Sarem-Isfizhob" and the book of Kuprilozada), Arystan-Bab through 400 years, became the instructor of Khoja Ahmed Yassawy and actually gave him the persimmon.

Today, there is a mausoleum over the grave of Arystan-Bab. According to historical records, this mausoleum was several times rebuilt and restored in XII-XVIII centuries. The Mausoleum of Arystan-Bab is a burial place of the teacher Khoja Ahmed Yassawy. According to the legend, when Prophet Mohammed was dying, he gave his own rosary to Arystan-Bab, and Arystan-Bab, in his turn, presented it to 11-year-old boy – future Khoja Ahmed Yassawy. Near the mausoleum of Arystan-Bab there is a well with very salty water, which has healing qualities (s.Sayram).


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