M.Gorky Russian Drama Theatre

13, Bigeldinov St.
Tel.: 32-82-23, 32 40 53

Inquires about the repertoire can be made by calling: 38 88 88

Gorky Theatre Building is an example of beautiful and unique XIX century building in Astana and therefore might be interesting attraction for tourists.

First, at the end of the XIX century, it was built as a grammar school. At that time it was a two-storied building of red brick with interesting and original architecture. It had undergone reconstructions and rebuilding for more than once (e.g. in 1958, 1976, and 1999).The theatre had poor fire safety: building had suffered from fire two times. In the process of reconstructions, the third floor was built. Also scene frame with grates on the left wing roof was constructed. A dependency was added on to the elevation facing yard. The new architectural finding, in spite of aspiration for utilitarianism, imparted peculiar elegance to the building.

At that, the architectural elements of early fronts were preserved as much as possible. Now, the three-storied brick building of the theatre is an architectural model of the classic style of the end of XIX – the beginning of XX centuries. The Akmolinsk (former name of Astana) Town Council and the patron of the arts, merchant Kubrin, in 1899, appropriated 100 rubles to purchase a theatre building. At last it achieved an official status and its own home. The first theatrical season was opened with the vaudeville «A Flash at the Hearth», in one act, of the author Fyodorov. And in 1913, the Tatar troupe of G.Aubakirov started their work here. Many remarkable plays were performed at this stage. Just here Saken Seyfullin, by strength of the Kazakh youth, staged his play «Bakyt Zholynda», and then many other of his plays.

The theatre gained popularity within the oblast and beyond its bounds. Since 1959 the theatre becomes known as Maksim Gorky Theatre. In 1961, it gains the status of Tselinny regional theatre. The theatre has been marked with different diplomas and awards for its long-lasting history time and again. The theatre is the member of the Russian Theatres Association, initiated by the Centre of support of Russian theatres abroad under STD (Theatre Union of Russia) of the Moscow city.

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