Monument «Otan korgaushylar»

Monument «Otan korgaushylar» is one of the most beautiful monuments in the country. On the square, elevated from the ground by a granite foundation, a bronze stele is situated. The central figure of the monument is a woman. She holds a golden cup, which is the symbol of peace and prosperity. The stele consists of 101 spikes and symbolizes the unity of all nations living in Kazakhstan. On the bas-relief at the right, the Soviet soldiers are depicted, on the left side, Kazakh batyrs are portrayed smashing Jungars. There is an eternal fire at the foot of the monument. The memorial is 24 m high and is made of 63 tones of pure bronze. Copper was also used in construction. There is a park around the monument.

The main compositional axis of the whole complex is the front alley leading to the monument. It is represented by dancing fountains in colourful light appearance. General contractor is SME «Gorkommunkhoz», the architects are: A.Beksultanov, N.Konopoltsev. The Project was made by SME «Astanagorproject». The opening was on May 9, 2001


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