Monument to S.Seyfullin

There is a monumnet in the quiet old center of Astana, near an old wooden building. Beautiful intelligent man in classic style dress sitting on a chair, a coat slung over the back ... So he is remembered by his contemporaries, so he was before the punitive NKVD machine reached him.


Saken Seifullin (1894-1938) is one of the prominent figures in the cultural and social chronicle of Kazakhstan. He is a poet, novelist, playwright, essayist, literary critic, composer, teacher, public figure and statesman. What a rich heritage this wonderful man could have left behind. But these things were not to be realized. The poet and writer was a victim of repression in 1937 His life was cut short in the prime of his life.

Material of the monument is bronze, the pedestal is from granite. author of the project is a well-known sculptor - Bayarlin AH Customer - Provincial Department of Culture. The monument was opened on October 14, 1994 on the 100th anniversary of the poet. Made in a studio Karaganda Art Fund. Monument S.Seifullin is among the most significant works of monumental sculpture, erected by prominent historical figures and the figures of the national culture of Kazakhstan.


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