Palace of Peace and Concord

Right bank of the Yesil River / Buses: 18, 21, 35

The eighth wonder of the world, as some people already called this building, was constructed in the form of regular pyramid with height of 62 m and the same width of basement. This construction is based on artificial 15 m mound. The famous maestro, English architect Norman Foster specially chose the form having any religious implication for his project, because namely this place serves as interdenominational communication of representatives of all world traditional religions.


Pyramid of peace and concord is a sort of apotheosis of tolerance idea, the monument of Kazakhstani people unity and their aspiration to harmony and humanitarian values. «Everything in the world is afraid of time and only time is afraid of pyramids» ‒ these are the words of ancient Egyptians. They constructed enigmatic pyramids perpetuating the name of Pharaoh in time and space. Pyramid, solid and faceted, came to us as inviolable symbol of eternity. There are not such architectural cultic objects like the Palace of Peace and Concord of Astana city in the world. Of course there are some constructions, gathering different religious traditions under their roofs, but Kazakhstani temple represent one big platform for constructive dialogue in contradistinction with them. It is quite logical, that there the Museum of Culture, the University of Civilizations and the Opera Theater for 1500 seats have been situated in the place where the representatives of different world traditional religions meet. Steel, aluminium, great number of special glass constructions, unique technical ideas and architectural innovations really make this construction to look like a wonder.


The panoramic lift allows everyone to admire the beauty of green terraces and play of light, flowing from the dome of the pyramid. It will be more interesting to walk to the peak along the billowy stairs through «Hanging Gardens of Astana» as people already called them. However the view from outside will be worthy of observing as well. The majestic pyramid of Foster is seen from the both banks of Yesil River. At night its peak shines from within.

 The price of excursion is 500tg.


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