Khan - Tengri - mountain top, the Republic Kazakhstan highest point on border with Kyrgyzstan and China, on one given-6995 m., on other-7010 m. is in east part of Central Tjan-Shanja in a ridge of Tengri-Tag. Central Tien Shan it is located in Average and the Central Asia, basically in Kyrgyzstan (the western part) and China (east part), partially in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Extent from the West on the east about 2500 km., from the north on the south of 300 km.

The highest points: Pobeda peak (7439м) and peak "Khan Tengri" (7010).For Central Tjan-Shanja landscapes of the Alpine type are characteristic: sharp crests are underlined by grey-turquoise glaciers and dazzling снежниками; the Alpine meadows adjoins with woods Tjan-Shansky ate. In this area high-mountainous tourism is mainly developed. Ascension routes are various: rocky, snezhno-ice, combined. Peak "Khan Tengri" the most northern in the world, therefore it involves a large quantity of tourists in spite of the fact that conquest of its top concerns extreme tourism.

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