Mosque «Nur-Astana»

Kabanbay-batyr Avenue, 36

The fantastic outline of the left bank of Astana, since 22 March, 2005, has become the peculiar frame of a new capital point of interest – the Central Mosque «Nur-Astana». It looks quite unexpected in the neighborhood of super-modern houses, but harmonious. Elegance of the Orient is interlaced with the ensemble of glass, concrete, steel, granite, and alucobond.

 The mosque is crowned by four minarets, each of 62 m height. Cupolas are gold-plated. Eight shells supporting
the cupola are ably decorated with not just ornamental patterns, but graven surahs (parts of the text of the Holy Koran). Inside, we are met by a large hall where, simultaneously, five thousand people may pray. On the second floor, there is a balcony designed for praying of two thousand women. The mosque area amounts to about 4000 sq.m.

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