Koblandy Batyr

            Koblandy Batir – a heroism symbol, pride of the Kazakh people. Names known nowadays Zhalgyz-both, Kosoba, Besoba of village nearby Zhirenkopa of Hobdinsky area are places where nice Koblandy with kalmyk aggressors once was at war. Zhirenkol, Eshkikyrgan, Tasbulak тау, Tumshanbulak which are in these parts, and carry today the historical names.
The burial place of Koblandy batir is on a river Kobda left bank. In 1995 on a burial place place the stone with an inscription has been established, and one year later remains батыра were rebury, the territory is fenced.
The mausoleum which was, will erect Koblandy Batir in 2007, has no this sort of analogues structures of the XXI-st century and it is unique on the architectural shape. Height of the mausoleum of 17,5 metres, width – 12. Under the form the mausoleum reminds a helmet Batir with a board and a sword.
About the mausoleum of Koblandy are a stone about which Batir sharpened the sabre in length of three metres, with of 60 centimetres. Has remained up to now and the found sabre is, on a burial place place.

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