The Memorial complex of Kozhabergen Zhirau


The complex is located in Zhambylsky District on the burial place of Kozhabergen Tojlybajsynshuyly, a Kazakh national akyn, poet, zhyray (a bard) and batyr. He was born in 1663, studied in Samarkand Madrasa. He spoke Arabic and Persian languages well, write poems, epic works and songs.
Kozhabergen Tojlybajsynshuyly is the author of a song "Elim-Aj", composed during the Djungarian invasion. This song is an unofficial kazakh hymn. Kozhabergen has composed eposes about Kazakh warriors: "Bogenbaj batyr", " Er Yedigei ", "Er Kokshe", "Er Kasym", "Kojlybaj", "Ajsha-zhansha", "Amir Temir".


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