Mosque Mosque

The importance of this establishment determined by the little number of such culture establishments, synthesis of techniques of regional and eclectic architecture. The mosque was built in 1893 year on the donations of muslims, rich trade people, living in the Tatarskaya sloboda (nowadays the area of Narimanovskii bazaar).

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Amangeldy Imanov's house Amangeldy Imanov's house

The master Aiymagambet –usta. The beginning of XX century. Amangeldy selo, Mailina str., 16., territory subdue of Arkalyk town. One floor house done from burnt bricks, sizes on plan 14,20 х 12,20 м. The main façade without windows. The enter is done as an arch. On the higher part of enter between the obtrusive bricks of rounded form used bricks with ornament.

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The unique Bestamak The unique Bestamak

Bestamak is the unique discovery of Kostanay archeologists. He contains such a rich material, that can be called the museum under the sky. The shepherds find

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Piny wood Piny wood

45 kilometers far from the city of Kostanay in the territory of the Arakaragay forest area, there are piny woods rich with mushrooms and berries and alive with fauna.

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The city of Kostanai The city of Kostanai

Kostanai had been settled in 1879 on the left bank of the Tobol River. Russian and Ukrainian peasant immigrants became the city's founders.

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Kostanay oblast philharmonic hall Kostanay oblast philharmonic hall

Approaching to such a significant date, one always looks back trying to remember and review what has been done. Now it's the history. The history which gives us lessons of faith to music, purity of human relations, sincerity of talent and school of professionalism. You know enough about the significance and popularity of the team of Kostanay philharmonic society. Over these years the team has not just grew up

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Monuments and memorials of Kostanay Monuments and memorials of Kostanay

Tourist attractions of Kostanay include various memorials, monuments and historical sights, namely, the monument of Kazybek Byi, a famous Kazakh judge, The monument «Pokoritelyam celiny», devoted to the exploration of virgin lands in Kazakhstan in the middle of XX century, Memorial «The Red Wall», which testifies about events of Civil War in the beginning of XX century and many others.

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