Naurzum Nature Reserve Naurzum Nature Reserve

The unique reserve, located on the territory of Naurzum and Semiozerskii areas of Kostanay oblast,amazes with the amenities of forests and diversity of animal kingdom.

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Two ancient installations, made of natural stone, called dyn, located in Amangeldinskiy rayon of Kostanayskaya oblast, next to the aul Ekidyn (Sarytorgay). Admittedly they dated by the early Iron Age. It seems that primordial they have the ritual, sacral meaning.

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Mosque Mosque

The importance of this establishment determined by the little number of such culture establishments, synthesis of techniques of regional and eclectic architecture. The mosque was built in 1893 year on the donations of muslims, rich trade people, living in the Tatarskaya sloboda (nowadays the area of Narimanovskii bazaar).

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Amangeldy Imanov's house Amangeldy Imanov's house

The master Aiymagambet –usta. The beginning of XX century. Amangeldy selo, Mailina str., 16., territory subdue of Arkalyk town. One floor house done from burnt bricks, sizes on plan 14,20 х 12,20 м. The main façade without windows. The enter is done as an arch. On the higher part of enter between the obtrusive bricks of rounded form used bricks with ornament.

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The unique Bestamak The unique Bestamak

Bestamak is the unique discovery of Kostanay archeologists. He contains such a rich material, that can be called the museum under the sky. The shepherds find

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Kostanai region's geoglyphes Kostanai region's geoglyphes

Not so far ago Kostanay scientist Dmitrii Dei has found in Torgai steppes the tombstone Ushtogai, which consists of 101 tumulus. 100 tumulus make the figure of square and placed diagonally. The 10-st is the biggest one and located in the centre.

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The church Annovskii The church Annovskii

Here lives the eternity In Sarykol rayon almost on the border with the North Kazakhstan region, on the bank of the big lake today can be seen the countryside Annovka. This countryside has more than 2 hundred history. Somedays it has more than 2 hundred thousand houses! People lived here richly – in big houses with big gardens where were a lot of poultry and oxen. And above everything raised the Annovskii temple

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Piny wood Piny wood

45 kilometers far from the city of Kostanay in the territory of the Arakaragay forest area, there are piny woods rich with mushrooms and berries and alive with fauna.

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The Lisakovsk archaeological site The Lisakovsk archaeological site

The Lisakovsk archaeological site is a location of great importance.It's excavation is responsible for the discovery of the history and secrets of the Indo-Iran tribes of the Bronze Age – so-called androns, who lived there in the second millennium A.C.

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The city of Kostanai The city of Kostanai

Kostanai had been settled in 1879 on the left bank of the Tobol River. Russian and Ukrainian peasant immigrants became the city's founders.

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