Lake Shaitankol Lake Shaitankol

Lake Shaitankol beautiful and unique lake which is located 5 km south-west of Karkaralinsk city in the mountains Bugyly at an hight of 1200 meters. The lake length is 60 m, width 40 meters. Lake surrounded by dilapidated granite rocks, pine trees germinated.

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Museum of Nature Museum of Nature

The Museum of Nature contains all the inhabitants of flora and fauna Karkaralinsk reserve. Will the layout Karkaralinsk area with the height. Also contains pictures of various natural monuments and pictures of the seasons in the reserve. Tour of the museum are performed by qualified rangers and iskustvovedy.

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Karkaralinsk Karkaralinsk

Karkaralinsk city spread on the foot of the Karkaraly mountains, was founded in 1824. There is still much material evidence of its venerable age. They have restored Kunanbai’s Mosque (named for the father of the Great Kazakh poet Abai), as well as Ryazanov's merchant house, and many of the wooden houses built in the 19 century.

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Karkaraly mountains Karkaraly mountains

Kazakhstan's central mountain oasis with lakes, forests, flowering valleys and crystal clear streams. Karkaraly is ideal for trekking and walks of varying complexity, and just for leisurely outdoor recreation.

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Mosque Kunanbaya Uskenbaeva Mosque Kunanbaya Uskenbaeva

The building of mosques Kunanbaya Uskenbaeva built in 1849-1853gg. The building is a wooden, two-story. The width of 15m, length 11m, height 6m. The initial appearance of the partially missing, a number of additions were built of bricks.

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Karkaraly  State National Natural Park Karkaraly  State National Natural Park

Created by decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on December 1, 1998 number 1212. Administratively located Karkaraly region of Karaganda region, in the eastern part. The total area of 90323 hectares of national park land - of which 40,341 hectares of forested. The main forest-forming species are: pine, Birch, aspen, willow and shrubs.

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