Mosque Kunanbaya Uskenbaeva Mosque Kunanbaya Uskenbaeva

The building of mosques Kunanbaya Uskenbaeva built in 1849-1853gg. The building is a wooden, two-story. The width of 15m, length 11m, height 6m. The initial appearance of the partially missing, a number of additions were built of bricks.

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Palace of culture of miners Palace of culture of miners

Palace of culture of miners - one of the main attractions of Karaganda. It was built in 1940, and in 1952 was put into operation. Here are virtually all the important holidays of the country. The palace is a symmetrical composition of three volumes

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Agybai batyr Agybai batyr

AGYBAY BATYR, Shubyrtpaly Agybay (1802-85 years.) Commander, one of the leaders of the revolt led by Kenesary Kasymov. People celebrated his 200 birtday in 2002 and in 2007 the monument was erected for him in Balkhash.

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Lake Balkhash Lake Balkhash

Balkhash Lake is the third largest lake in Kazakhstan, after the Caspian and Aral Seas. The phenomenon of Balkhash is in its different mineralization on Western and Eastern parts, which are connected by a narrow strait, i.e. Western part of the lake, which receives water form Ili River, is fresh and its Eastern part is salty. Nature of Balkhash Lake is amazing and full of contrasts...

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Ulytau Ulytau

Mountain Range Ulytau is visible for many miles, stretched from north to south for 200 km. The high point is vertex Aulie-Tau, very similar to the image of the "World Mountain," a manifestation of the ancient cult of Mt. It is possible that her image could be paired with the symbol of tribal Mountains - a guardian and protector, a sacred place.

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Monuments of Karagandy Monuments of Karagandy

Many monuments and memorials in Karagandy might also be interesting for tourists. For example, a monument of Bukhar Zhyrau (1693-1787) – a poet improviser, , advisor of Abylai Khan, monument of Abay Kunanbaev poet and writer of classic Kazakh literature and others.

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Alasha-Khan Mausoleum Alasha-Khan Mausoleum

Alasha-Khan is a character, perhaps more legendary than historical. No one knows exactly if this person ever existed. His name means “variegated or colorful” and he is considered to be an ancestor of the Kazakh people. Alasha-Khan is mentioned not only in Kazakh legends, but also in other Turkic people’s legends and traditions.

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Dzhuchi Khan Mausoleum Dzhuchi Khan Mausoleum

Dzhuchi Khan (Zhoshi), the elder son of Chingiz-Khan and ancestor of most Kazakh Khans, especially loved the Sary-Arka steppes, so he stationed his Headquarters very close to the Ulytau mountains. Khan’s Headquarters were a big administrative and cultural center of Sary-Arka for a long time.

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Karkaraly  State National Natural Park Karkaraly  State National Natural Park

Created by decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on December 1, 1998 number 1212. Administratively located Karkaraly region of Karaganda region, in the eastern part. The total area of 90323 hectares of national park land - of which 40,341 hectares of forested. The main forest-forming species are: pine, Birch, aspen, willow and shrubs.

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