Zhetykonyr Sands Zhetykonyr Sands

As a matter of fact, “Zhetykonyr” is a common noun used since ancient times by the Kazakhs for naming the motionless sandy hills covered with drought-resistant plants. However, Zhetykonyr Sands located to the southeast of the city of Zhezkazghan were eventually bared to create what is now a very surrealistic sight.

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Kent settlement Kent settlement

Kent settlement related to the epoch of Late Bronze, is situated in the Kent mountains. It is believed to be the largest ancient settlement in Central Kazakhstan. Kent is a settlement whose inhabiting tribes produced goods from bronze. Huge furnaces, where copper and tin were mixed, are of particular interest .

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Karkaralinsk Karkaralinsk

Karkaralinsk city spread on the foot of the Karkaraly mountains, was founded in 1824. There is still much material evidence of its venerable age. They have restored Kunanbai’s Mosque (named for the father of the Great Kazakh poet Abai), as well as Ryazanov's merchant house, and many of the wooden houses built in the 19 century.

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Stella of independence Stella of independence

Stella of Independence was opened in 2006. Stella is decorated by tulpars from four sides, signifying fearlessness of a lion, the vision of a falcon, physical power and strength of a bull, quickness, speed and plastic of a deer, cunning foxes and resourcefulness in their struggle against the enemies.

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Karkaraly mountains Karkaraly mountains

Kazakhstan's central mountain oasis with lakes, forests, flowering valleys and crystal clear streams. Karkaraly is ideal for trekking and walks of varying complexity, and just for leisurely outdoor recreation.

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Mausoleum Agybay Mausoleum Agybay

The mausoleum was built over the grave batyr Agybaya (1793-1880gg.), one of the commanders of the last khan of the Kazakh Kenesary.

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Shankoz mountains Shankoz mountains

Shankoz mountains to the north west of the mountain Karkaralinsk masssiva. Extends from the northeast to southwest at 15 km, the width of the mountain 5-7 km. The absolute height of 1360 km. Have access to springs. In the chestnut soils grow pine, pine and birch forests and bushes, lnshaynik.

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Eternal Flame Eternal Flame

Monument for Dzhezkazgan soldiers who fell during the Great Patriotic War. Erected in 1982. Sculptor Andreev, architect K. Turlybaev.

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Monument to Metallurgists Monument to Metallurgists

Monument to Metallurgists - one of the symbols of the city

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Mausoleum Zhidebay Mausoleum Zhidebay

The diameter of the mausoleum - 5,0 m. Building volume - 85,4 m3. The interior of the mausoleum just decided no decor, no niche, traces of burial is also not observed. The monument of religious architecture 19 century, typical for areas of Central Kazakhstan. Main bibliography: Materials expeditions are stored in the archives of the Institute "Kazproekrtestavratsiya.

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