Uralsk Architecture Uralsk Architecture

Uralsk was founded in 1613 on the right bank of the Ural River. Founders of the city became free Cossacks, which were Russian royal expeditionary and cavalry forces.A large part of the history of this place is connected with them as well as the diversity of the city's architecture.

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The Underground Mosque of Shakpak-Ata The Underground Mosque of Shakpak-Ata

The mosque of Shakpak-Ata, located on Tjub-Karagan peninsula, over 20 kilometers to the northeast of the Shevchenko Fort, is considered the most ancient architectural monument in the Western Kazakhstan. The mosque layout as well as its other architectural details, present evidence of a structure belonging to IX-X centuries.

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Akmysh Stow and Sherkala Rock Akmysh Stow and Sherkala Rock

Akmysh stow which is 170 kilometres away from the city of Aktau near by the Shetpe settlement is extremely diverse in its beautiful natural surroundings, and the same can be said for its historical background. Against the groves are murmuring streams and rocky formations of the most surprising forms.

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Shopan-Ata Mosque Shopan-Ata Mosque

According to legend, the Shopan-Ata mosque, located in the region of the Senek settlement more than 200km away from the city of Aktau, was built by Shopan-ata Sufi, one of Hodzhi Ahmed Jassavi's sacred students. The legend says that Shopan-ata found his mentor’s rod, and decided to build up a mosque of eleven underground cells on this very place.

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Sultan-apa Necropolis and Mosque Sultan-apa Necropolis and Mosque

A legend about a young man who once helped the fishermen got in trouble is associated with this place located in the Tyub-Karagan peninsula near by the Ashchymuryn tongue. Since then it is believed that the Sultan-ape mosque always comes to rescue of anyone suffering distress in the sea.

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Karaghiye Hollow Karaghiye Hollow

Karaghiye hollow is one of the deepest in the world at 132 meters below sea level. It is located in the Eastern part of the Mangyshlak plateau, around 50 km away from the city of Aktau, and stretches from the northwest to the southeast. Collapsing and karstic processes, being the cause of this hollow, are still in effect today as evidenced by the cliffs and benches split by wide and deep canyons such as sayami.

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Oblast “know-your-country” museum Oblast “know-your-country” museum

The West Kazakhstan Regional Historical-homeland Museum is one of the oldest museums in Kazakhstan. The museum was organized in 1832. In his organization were participated the famous scientists of that time Karelin G. S and Berg LS Now the museum is located in the historical and architectural building, was built in 1879 in the eastern style for Russian-Kazakh school.

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House-Museum of Yemelyan Pugachyov House-Museum of Yemelyan Pugachyov

Among the town’s museums the Monument of history and wooden architecture of XVIII century – the House-museum of Yemelyan Pugachyov – is in worthy requisition of the population and guests of the town. Motherland enters the consciousness of every person together with history of the town, its architectural and historical monuments.

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Mosque of town  Uralsk Mosque of town  Uralsk

Address: Uralsk, pr.Evraziya, tel.: 8 (7112) 54 12 20 In November 2005 in Uralsk is opened a new three-tiered mosque. The building with the participation of several countries. The majestic dome over the main hall of the mosque is built stained glass, brought from Italy, was done by German technology. Carpets, which were covered with almost all rooms, imported from France.

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Ice Palace of Sport Children and Youth Sport School Ice Palace of Sport Children and Youth Sport School

Ice Sports Palace in Uralsk, commissioned on the 28 of November, 2001 Total area is 4635 sqm, 1300 seats, ice arena 60x30 m. Works gym, dance hall, 4 locker rooms with showers, saunas, an infirmary, a café. On the territory of the Palace of Sports has a tennis court.

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