Lake Alakol Lake Alakol

The territory Alakol-Sasykolskoj systems of lakes was for a long time the earth of travel. Far back in the past this earth was a passage place караванных roads of the Great Silk way.

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Alakol Lake Alakol Lake

Alakol lake (meaning "Motley Lake, where Ala means"different","diverse"- a variety of external shape, location, size and color of the water, give the reason for the locals to call it Alakol) is located in southeastern Kazakhstan, Urjar area of the East Kazakhstan region at the Balkhash-Alakol lowlands in the eastern part of the Balkhash-Alakol valley, near the borders of the Almaty region and China, at an altitude of 347 meters above sea level.

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Alakol nature reserve Alakol nature reserve

Established in April 21, 1998 on the territory of Almaty and East Kazakhstan regions (Urjar district) on the 20.0 thousand ha area. The reserve was established in order to preserve Delta of Tentek river, originating in the Dzhungarian Alatau and the islands of Alakol lake - large, medium, hard.

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