Kiin-Kerish Kiin-Kerish

Natural boundary Kiin-Kerish is opened with erosion crust of multicoloured, mainly red clay. A city of spirits - such name is given to this place with unearthly, Martian landscapes. Washed away by water and wind clay form here very bright, freakish landscape. Puff tertiary clay with unimaginable on beauty and originality a corner with unique red, white and orange constructions. From a distance red clay rocks and breakages of Kiin-Kerisha are similar to a flame torn on a wind. Therefore it is named «Flaring cliffs».

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Beluha - snowy crown of Altai Beluha - snowy crown of Altai

Beluha mountain is one of natural monuments in East Kazakhstan region. It is the highest peak of Altai and of all Siberia.

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Markakol Nature Reserve Markakol Nature Reserve

One of the the most amazing pieces of nature is situated in the Eastern Kazakhstan. It is Markakol Nature Reserve. Lake Markakol is callaed a pearl of this region. It is situated in the hollow, surrounded by Kurchum mountain chain in the north and Azutau mountains in the south.

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Lake Yazevoe Lake Yazevoe

The Short feature: Lake Yazovoe is a picturesque lake placed on approach to White whale from south-west. Its size relatively small: 1,0х0,4 km. Dense coniferous wood of the mountain, turning at the top to alpine meadow surrounds the lake. Here a splendid panorama of Beluha mountain is opened, which is reflected in the lake. The Lake is glorified by good fishing, its name speaks about that. This is a single lake in region, where the ide, reaching 3 kg dwells. Sooner in south-west coast of the lake campsite for tourist groups will be built.

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Lake Alakol Lake Alakol

The territory Alakol-Sasykolskoj systems of lakes was for a long time the earth of travel. Far back in the past this earth was a passage place караванных roads of the Great Silk way.

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Ak-Baur  - ancient astronomic complex Ak-Baur  - ancient astronomic complex

Ak-Baur is 38 kilometers from Ust-Kamenogorsk city, at the top of Ak-Baur stream behind Leninka township. Ancient astronomic laboratory with granite plates saved in their original appearance, this plates bear information astronet with image of the Great Bear constellation and site with sun dial marking drawn on it.

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Double-minaret mosque Double-minaret mosque

Double-minaret mosque – architector - Bolbatov, engineer-lieutenant - Manashev. 1856-1862. It is a monument of city planning and architecture. A sample of the cult Muslim architecture of the XIX century. The mosque is built by the Tatar merchants on the Turkish project. Mosque is acting.

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Berel burials Berel burials

The ground that is an object for investigations since 1997, is situated in Kazakhstan Altai, at the boundary intersection of 4 countries: Kazakstan, Russia, Mongolia and China.

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Burial  Kozy- Korpesh- Bayan sulu. Burial  Kozy- Korpesh- Bayan sulu.

Symbol of the immortal tragic love of lad and girl, heights of their human spirit.

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Bridge over the Irtysh River Bridge over the Irtysh River

The bridge over the Irtysh river, opened on Oct. 17, 2000, became a business card and landmark of Semei city. Construction project of the bridge was proposed by Japanese Company Isakavadzima Harima Heavy Industries, Ltd and by local government of East Kazakhstan region.

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