Ancient site of ancient settlement Saraishyk Ancient site of ancient settlement Saraishyk

Saraishyk – one of the most ancient monuments of Kazakhstan. Saraishyk a cradle of the Kazakh Horde. Unique property of our independent republic. A great heritage of the Kazakh people. Saraishyk a worship for sources of an antiquity and a connecting thread with the future. A shed a tribute of memory to the wise men living and writing annals of our state, and gratitude for revival of the forgotten.

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`Imangali` mosque `Imangali` mosque

Located in the centre of Atyrau, Satpayev street,15.This facility has a large dome on its top with a internal diameter of 7 meters, height-23 meters.

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The Uspensky Cathedral The Uspensky Cathedral

The Uspensky Cathedral(1883) is situated on 16 Taimanov Street the corner of Gagarin Street in Atyrau city. The wall is brick. The volume amounts 4500 cubic/m., the total area is 230 sq/m., there are 900 places. The height to the dome amounts 40 m and other domes thinner on 10 m.

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Chalky outcrop-Akkeregeshin Chalky outcrop-Akkeregeshin

One can discover the wild nature, mysterious world of caves, striking natural monuments, adventures on chalky outcrops, in Akkeregeshin and Aktolagai, mountain of Imankara (in Zhylyoi district). It is excursion for those who loves exotic, something unusual or simply take a great interest in geology, paleontology.

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Akmechet-Beket Akmechet-Beket

The underground mosque is constructed in the beginning of 19th century along the river Zhem. The room with a ceiling consists of the laid firmly cretaceous designs connected with each other by a three-layer arch. Pass to a mosque narrow, oblong, in the first room is an aperture where solar beams got. Walls with deepenings, in the heart of a southeast part it is located михраб. Such poor caves have been constructed Beket - Ogylandy (a place where he has been buried) and around Old Bejneu. The second underground mosque – Akmechet – Kulshan has been constructed by pupil Beketa Kulshanom. It consists of two separate rooms and in one of them one of founders is buried.

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Monument Dina Nurpeisova (1861 1955) Monument Dina Nurpeisova (1861 1955)

Dina Nurpeisova - folk singer-dombra player, composer, a prominent Kazakh. Sov. Culture. People's Artist of Kazakh SSR (1944 Honored Artist of Kazakh SSR in 1940). With the help of his father, a famous dombra player, Dina Nurpeisova mastered the art of playing the dombra to 8 years. Decisive role in her fate played a meeting with the national composer Kurmangazy (1870y.).

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Monuments of Atyrau Monuments of Atyrau

Monuments of Atyrau city might also be interesting for tourists. These monuments include the monument of composer and kuyshi of classic Kazakh music – Kurmangazy (1818 – 1889), the monument of the son of Kipchaks and the sultan of Egypt – Sultan Beibars (1225-1277) and many others.

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Regional History Museum Regional History Museum

The museum is a cultural center, conducting a lot of work to study, preserve and promote the history, spiritual and cultural heritage of Atyrau - one of the sacred places of Kazakhstan. Established in 1939, Decree of the Supreme Soviet of the Kazakh SSR on the basis of the school museum. Who became not only "the keeper of antiquities, but also the cultural center of the region, the museum opened its doors in the old church building in the pre-war 1940. He has only 242 exhibits. September 3, 1999 to the 100 th anniversary of Kazakhstan's oil museum got a new refurbished building, in a presentation which was attended by President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev.

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