Abat Baitak's Mausoleum Abat Baitak's Mausoleum

Unique Abat-Baitak sculptural monument that can hardly be found in Western Kazakhstan is located twelve kilometers away eastwards of Beskopa aul, Kobda region, Aktobe oblast.

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Koblandy Batyr Koblandy Batyr

Koblandy Batyr is a symbol of heroism, pride of the Kazakh people.

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Aktobe regional museum of local history and etnography Aktobe regional museum of local history and etnography

The regional museum of local history and etnography is one of the Aktobe cultural centers. It was organized in 1929 under the initiative of local regional lores.

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Planetarium Planetarium

The only stationary planetarium in Kazakhstan was created in January 1967 with the purpose of education and formation of the population. Here entertaining conversation and lectures concerning the problems of astronomy, the Earth, space, natural study and geography are carried out. There are 7 thousand slides...

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Drama theatre named T. Ahtanov Drama theatre named T. Ahtanov

In 30 years in Aktobe the regional Kazakh drama was opened. In 1997 the theatre was named after of our fellow countryman, the winner of premium RK, the national writer Tahaui Ahtanov. Later the Kazakh and Russian theatres have been combined.

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The Irgiz-Torgaj Reserve The Irgiz-Torgaj Reserve

Occupying an area of 763 thousand hectares, the Irgiz-Torgaj Reserve was formed in 2007 within the larger Turgay reserve.

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Теннисный центр Теннисный центр

Теннисный центр создан в рамках Государственной программы развития физической культуры и спорта на 2007-2009 годы и является составной частью создаваемого спортивного комплекса «Олимпийский», в который также войдут стадион. мест, современный плавательный бассейн, ледовый дворец, лыжная база и школа-интернат для одаренных в спорте детей.

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Zhamanshin - a meteorite crater Zhamanshin - a meteorite crater

Right in this area the hugest meteorite had fallen about a million years ago. The power of the explosion was equivalent to a simultaneous detonation of several nuclear bombs.

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The city of Aktobe and its attractions The city of Aktobe and its attractions

The city had been formed in 1869 as one of numerous fortresses intended to protect the peace of the Russian Empire in the southeast.

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The Plateau of Aktolagaj The Plateau of Aktolagaj

The cretaceous plateau which is situated on the border of the Atyrau and Aktyubinsk regions, appears to have been a sea-bottom long ago.

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