Monuments of Taldykorgan: The monument "Ush аtа" Monuments of Taldykorgan: The monument "Ush аtа"

The majestic monument towers in the centre of Taldykorgan, erected in 2006 by grateful descendants in honour of great ancestors. The monuments name is "Ush ата" : the sculptural composition expresses three well known historical personalities like Eskelidy-bi, Balpyk-bi and Kabylisa-zhyrau, they lived in XVII-XVIII ages and made significant contribution to mess of dzungar hordes.

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Alnyn-Emel State national natural Park Alnyn-Emel State national natural Park

Is in Kazahstan corners of the protogenic nature, capable to subdue at once and for ever. One of such surprising places - the largest national park "Three-copecks piece-emel" located in Almaty region. "the Three-copecks piece - Emel" name pride of the south of Dzungarian Ala Tau. Annually thousand tourists from the different countries приежают here to see this unique valley, a symbol of the untouched wild nature. "the Three-copecks piece-Emel" is created by governmental order РК in 1996. Its region its surface amounts more than 520 thousand hectares. The park is located in the lli hollowin,it is limited on the north by southern spurs of of Dzhungarskooo of Ala Tau, and from the south - the river Or and the Kapshagajsky water basin.

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