The State National park of Charyn The State National park of Charyn

The Charyn State National Natural Park is created in Almaty region for the purpose of preservation natural landscapes, which have special ecological, historical and aesthetic value.

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Khan - Tengri - mountain top, the Republic Kazakhstan highest point on border with Kyrgyzstan and China, on one given-6995 m., on other-7010 m. is in east part of Central Tjan-Shanja in a ridge of Tengri-Tag. Central Tien Shan it is located in Average and the Central Asia, basically in Kyrgyzstan (the western part) and China (east part), partially in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

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The Kapshagajsky region is located in a south-east part of Almaty region, in the Priilijsky valley. The city of Kapshagaj is formed on a site of Kapshagajsky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION in 1970 when the first unit of Kapshagajsky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION has given an industrial current.

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Sights of Taldykorgan City Sights of Taldykorgan City

The country - Republic Kazakhstan The status - the regional centre Area - Almaty

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Istoriko-museum of local lore of М. Tynyshbaeva Istoriko-museum of local lore of М. Tynyshbaeva

In a museum 27454 exhibits. Размер a hall of exhibits-1091 sq.m. Quantity of employees – 9 are placed. The museum of M.Tynyshbaeva is opened in March, 1st, 1974. The unique museum in area where, collects and stores history of Zhetysusky edge.

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Zharkent mosgue Zharkent mosgue

Having arrived to Zharkent, you should visit its main sightseeing – it is the Zharkent mosque. This is an amazing monument of the architecture of the XIX age end: it is built not from a brick, but from the tyan-shan trees and without any hit, it looks like chinese temple by it’s forms and decoratings more than a mosque...

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Hand-written rocks Hand-written rocks

On the river Or, in a city district of Kapchagaja, there is a unique monument of culture of the last centuries - rock drawings of Buddhas. They name "Written stones", "Red rocks". And local residents it is natural boundary named Tamgalytas, those. Stones with sacred signs (in transfer with Kazakh, Tamgaly - a sacred sign, тас - a stone).

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Almaty Region Almaty Region

The Almaty region was formed on March 10, 1932, its area is 224 thousand square kilometers. The region is located in the southeast of the Republic of Kazakhstan , in the east it borders on China, in the south on Kyrgyzstan. The administrative center is the town of Taldykorgan.

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The Bes-Shatyr burial mounds The Bes-Shatyr burial mounds

The Bes-Shatyr burial mounds - is the main sightseeing of the state national natural park "Altyn-Emel", located within the administrative borders of the Kerbulak region. "Bes-Shatyr" is translated as "five tents": on amounts of the most greater burial mounds on this territory, a part of them excavated by the archaeologists in medium past age and is presents by itself the heap of spread by bulldozer ploughs.

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The museum of Zhambyl Zhabaev The museum of Zhambyl Zhabaev

The museum of Zhambyl Zhabaev and state historian-cultural and natural reserve like "Tamgaly" was found in Zhambyl district of Almaty region and forming one more section in indissoluble chain of epochs removable to each other. Literary-memorial museum of well known singer, who has lived for a one hundred years, is located in the village of Zhambyl and exists since 1947.

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