State National Natural Park "Altyn-Emel" State National Natural Park "Altyn-Emel"

Altyn-Emel State National Nature Park is sprawled in the heart of Central Asia, in the valley of the Ili River, about 150 kilometres away from Almaty, Kazakhstan’s largest city. The Singing Sands, an old tree that witnessed Gengis Khan warriors, Stonehenge in the Kazakh Steppes and many many more can be seen in Altynemel Naitonal Park.

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Kolsay Lakes Kolsay Lakes

Kolsay Lakes – one of the most beautiful places on Kazakh land. They are located at heights 1800, 2250 and 2700 metres above sea level. They are distinguished by the unique mountain watershed consisting of three natural zones and amazing variety of rare plants and animals.

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The Big Almaty Lake The Big Almaty Lake

The east branch of the Big Almaty canyon, spreading to the south from Almaty, leads the traveller to the Big Almaty lake. It is surrounded by mountains covered with the coniferous woods of Zailijsky Alatau, and sits at a height of about two and a half thousand meters above sea level. This lake was formed about 10 thousand years ago after rock fall of tectonic nature.

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The Kajyndy Lake The Kajyndy Lake

The Kajyndy Lake, formed over a century ago as a result of landslip, is situated among the Kungey-Alatau Mountains, which are covered with coniferous and deciduous woods, and located 280 kilometers to the east of Almaty. Here the traveler can find a quite surrealistic picture: the trunks of the Tjan-Shanj fur-trees may be seen rising directly from its waters, to a height of about 15 meters, creating, for most people, an image of the masts of sunken ships.

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National Natural Ile-Alatau National Natural Ile-Alatau

National Natural Ile-Alatau is acknowledged as the leader among the specially protected natural reservations of Zhetysu.

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Достопримечательности г.Текели Достопримечательности г.Текели

История этого края впитала в себя легенды и верования язычества, зороастризма, буддизма, традиции ислама. Именно там можно встретить мрачную Башню молчания, святой камень и загадочный очень редкий цветок Снежный лотос, который принесет человеку или погибель, или удачу…

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Palace of culture of I.Zhansugurova Palace of culture of I.Zhansugurova

The palace of culture of I.Zhansugurova has been constructed in 1962. In 1965 the name of outstanding Kazakh poet Iljasa Zhansugurova is appropriated. The director - Alpysbaev Ali Demegenovich. In a building of the Palace of culture are placed the Regional philharmonic society by it.

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State natural reserve of Almaty State natural reserve of Almaty

In reserve territory there are 22 kinds of animals and 28 kinds of plants from the Red book of Kazakhstan. The reserve has a museum in which expositions its activity is reflected, and also having passed on museum halls, it is possible will get acquainted with representatives of flora and the fauna, living on its territory.

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Altyn Adam Altyn Adam

The brightest display of saks cultures in Kazakhstan - archaeological monuments, barrows burial grounds. Among them, the rare on the riches the Issyksky barrow – a burial ground located in Almaty area, on suburb of Issyk, in 50 km from Almaty.

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Falls of Burhan Bulak Falls of Burhan Bulak

The biggest falls in Semireche Burhan Bulak are located in 55 km from the city of Tekeli in gorge of the river the Bark.

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